Meditation – 3 Effective Types of Stress Reducing Meditations, part 2


Meditation helps to bring you back to your calmer center. There are many different ways to meditate, so you can adapt your practice to where you are.

Walking Meditation- This is accomplished by slow walking while deeply focusing on your breathing with a purpose of thinking over a problem or asking for inspiration. You can walk anywhere, but try to walk among nature. Walking and paying attention to the plants and trees will give you a quiet sense of calm. If you enjoy walking in a mall, then think about the pleasant sights and sounds of the different stores. Think about how grateful you are for the store keepers and their loyal services. Try to detach yourself from the buying emotions and relax with the flow of the walk.

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– Meditation – 3 Effective Types of Stress Reducing Meditations, part 1


Meditation helps to bring you back to your calmer center. There are many different ways to meditate, so you can adapt your practice to where you are.

Self-awareness meditation- During this focused time you need to engage in quiet meaningful self-awareness. This is not a time to beat yourself up verbally by going over all that happened in the day. Once you have learned to release the past, and stay always in the NOW the present, you will master the self-awareness and focus needed to remain in the now. Meaningful self-awareness is quiet reminders of gratitude during your day. How well you handled an uncomfortable situation for instance. This self-awareness meditation is similar to uplifting affirmations. This is a time to nourish you mind.

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Journaling – How to Reduce Stress For the coming New Year!


Writing in a journal is a proven tool in reducing stress. I hear you thinking, more writing, I don’t have time, I lose things, and I will never keep track of a journal. Your resistance is valid, but writing or typing information and ideas reduces stress because the thoughts are now on paper or in the computer and not sitting in your mind to be reprocessed over and over.

Those important entries can be forgotten due to the same stress.

The action of writing legibly is calming. The mind, eyes, and hand actions, creates relaxation and a feeling of productivity and closure. These are all good responses for you physically and emotionally. Action always relieves stress and fears, no matter how small the actions. The action means an attempt to go forward and is seen as positive.

Once you have allowed yourself to have embraced journaling next is where to write. You can use a computer, a special bound journal from a bookstore, a loose leaf binder, or whatever is comfortable or handy. I do recommend an 8×11 spiral note book or an inexpensive bookstore journal because this motivates you to write more often and your thoughts are special and purposeful. The computer is always a great place too; just remember to have a special folder for your journal and I know that you will eventually have a journal for different topics like I do.

When you should write is also very important. Writing as a habit just before going to bed will clear your mind and prepare your for sleep. You are letting go of thoughts and ideas. Your mind had better things to do then go over past history. This past history is what adds to your stress.

Writing an idea down when you just think about it adds to your creativity but also removes it for you head so again you do not have to worry about retrieving it later. I carry a small note book with me all the time, and transcribe information later when I get home or close to my computer. You don’t have to be a writer like me to input your thoughts and inspirations. You are a creative person, we all are.

Your smallest thoughts or your most monumental “aha” moments can be written down. There is no wrong way to do this it is the action that is important. The clearing your mind is what is most important.

I have very creative ways to write in my journals. I usually use a computer/ laptop. I will use different fonts, different colors for the text. Sometimes with in the same paragraph I’ll change fonts or colors, depending on my emotions or moods.

You see this adds a bit of fun to your writing and guess what, you are the only one seeing the journal any why so you can even use ‘bad’ language. Express yourself the way you like, this is your way of reducing stress!

If you choose to use pen and paper, try colored ink pens, or even crayons.

I know that once you start this neat habit you will continue. The enjoyment of being stress free and calm is great.

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Real New Years’ Solutions – A Time For Aha Moments That You Choose, Not Stressful Resolutions You Never Keep!

new years 2016 picture


Choose something you are truly passionate about, because you will stick with this goal for most of the New Year. Your passion should be your driving force to see that your goals and dreams are met. Your passion creates dreams that are full of emotion which motivates you to get things accomplished.

If you have goals that are not associated with your passion, but something that must be done, create a positive emotion around this goal or desire. The more pleasant the goal the more probable it will get done.

  1. Do whatever it takes to keep you on track. Visualization either in your mind or by putting up pictures, on a vision board, where you can see your dreams or desires frequently during your day motivates your subconscious mind. Affirmation statements that are written out and repeatedly read out loud several times a day which becomes a memory habit, thus helps keep you on track.
  2. Getting a friend involved helps both of you, because you can mentor or be accountable to each other. This way several goals and desires are focused on by two people and both are nurtured at the same time.
  3. New habits or goals are accomplished with little or no stress by breaking the goal into very small pieces instead of attempting the whole thing all at once. Even asking and working with help is easier when the tasks are broken down into very small chunks. These small chunks may even look very different from the initial goal. This new perspective may make the goal more fun or attractive. Thus quickly reached and finished.

Now you have seen how New Year’s Resolutions and goals can be accomplished in a calm and thoughtful way. You will find your life in general will be relaxed and more focused. You will feel empowered daily, and life will be good.



Happy Holidays

May you enjoy Unconditional Love, May you Celebrate Your Life, and May You Leave a Positive Legacy!

Happly Holidays 2015

My Wish to You!

Thinking ahead- Not a worrier, but a Warrior



Being a worrier defines your thinking full of what ifs, and should haves, these thoughts will haunt you with the pain of regret. Where the thoughts of the warrior are planning and forethought that lives in the present and because of this our present creates our future.

If you do not plan ordinary pursuits now for down the road, you will never get to do the things you really want to and should be doing. Your journey is how YOU make it.

Whenever possible take the initiative to buy tickets for shows, concerts and sporting events weeks or even months in advance. Perhaps enroll in a fun and interesting class you will take next semester. Be sure to get family and friends on your calendar for future activities before their schedules fill up. And by the way book those weekend get- a- ways far ahead as well.

You see you are caring for yourself emotionally and physically first, because you must have yourself nurtured and emotionally recharged before you can assist or care for anyone else. You must all so regularly recharge yourself during times of committed caring for others. Otherwise stress, dis-ease, and guilt find their way into your life.

Once you have your plans made, you can now focus on the other needs and commitments that your responsibilities generate.

Having your fun and rewards already planned, pain for and expected, the trials and challenges will seem easier and purposeful.

Being good to yourself takes time and effort because you are worth it.

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Solitary or Sanctuary


Are you comfortable when you are by yourself? You see, solitary seems to be forced, negative life condition. Where we feel confined and restricted, yet oddly “safe”.

However, sanctuary brings to mind an empowered, positive choice life condition, where one feels sheltered, alive and open to new things.

You don’t have to commit to a full time sanctuary condition, you can do things solo and enjoy them. For instance going to the afternoon movies, a restaurant, museum or even a day trip traveling, are options without feeling ill at ease or self-conscious.

Get over the feeling that you have to have someone else in tow and feeling lacking because you are prone to miss out on things. Empower yourself by being assertive, take the initiative and do more stiff on your own.

Yes, the world is crazy, plan, be aware of your surroundings, you will find it liberating, stress-reduced, and confidence–building to go it alone.

In your modified sanctuary time you become more comfortable, you grow, and you get to know yourself better. You tend to become a more attractive person because you are less timid and more interesting as you further your horizons.

When a companion is not available, choose a sanctuary plan instead of the confinement of solitary.

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