Dress for Success, In your Everyday Life!

Dress for Success, In your Everyday Life is important to your comfort and health!

It is amazing how people do not adjust their clothing to their surrounding temperature.

Now days, everyone has a weather app. On their cellphone yet people are still unaware or don’t care about how they dress and ultimately care about their appearance or their health.

Have you seen people keeping on their overcoat in a stifling department store?  How about spending time in the chill of the outdoors without a jacket?

Besides the general feeling of being uncomfortable, they pose a definite irresponsibility towards their health. The wonder why they get the flu or the common cold or worse pneumonia!

Common sense should prevail, however people are using excuses of being too busy to engage their commonsense. It does not take much time, energy or intelligence to adapt the concept of putting on or peeling off clothes as needed that will help you stay comfortable, healthy, perform better and enjoy the activity you are involved in.

Simply, wear layers in cool temperatures that allow you to adjust to the environment. You can take advantage of coat checks or lockers where available as well. Try bringing along an extra garment just in case, for example tying a sweater or light jacket around your waist.

By all means don’t let what others are wearing or not wearing influence your judgment towards incorrect attire. Besides they will pay the price for their own actions.

To dress for real success, dress intelligently and live comfortably.

Let’s coach around this

Stress to Calm- When you are planning meals for others do not be a short order cook, have a calm plan.

When you are planning meals for others do not be a short order cook, have a calm plan.

If you have the responsibility to plan meals for your family, ask yourself, “How much of your time, energy and composure is used up every night making multiple meals for your family?

If you are trying to cater to every taste by preparing different dishes as if you are a restaurant, but a needless and a stressful burden otherwise.

Granted unless someone in your family has a food allergy or intolerance, it is wise to adopt a policy of one meal for the entire family. However, stick to it! Giving in to convenience foods is not good either.

One solution is to make a master list of all the foods everyone likes. Yes, if you are not sure, ask. Your family will enjoy the chance to input their preferences.

To maintain a stress free meal, let good nutrition rule.

Skillfully encourage finicky eaters to try new things by not spoiling them with alternatives. Also, prepare foods in ways more palatable to them, (like pouring melted cheese over broccoli)

Take the time and a little effort to experiment with new recipes and note what works.

A little effort and care up front can pay off in fewer culinary squabbles and less stressful evenings later on.

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Stress to Calm- Productivity Tip- Do not try to work on an empty stomach, this only more creates stress!

Productivity Tip- Do not try to work on an empty stomach, this only creates stress!

When you are very focused and persistent to the tasks at the hand, you will let yourself go far too long with out eating, or skip a meal entirely.

I catch myself doing  this a lot.

I find that usually it is breakfast or lunch that is overlooked.

However, continuing to perform while hungry can make you feel irritable, dejected, resentful, stressed and downright grouchy.

My solution is quite simple. If it is impossible to pull yourself away, or mealtime is hours off, at least keep healthy snack foods handy. I have fruit smoothies ready to sip on while I work or a protein shake to hold me over until mealtime.

I do schedule a high protein breakfast before I start a project and I drink plenty of water. I also take a 5-minute break every hour to get up and stretch. I have a timer that I use to keep me on target as well.

To stay productive and stress free have a little bit of munching on the fly to take the edge off your hunger. In addition, this will turn your temperament entirely around.

This is another part of creating a calmer lifestyle.



Stress to Calm- How Eating Outdoors will get you Calmer!

How Eating Outdoors will get you Calmer!

Dining alfresco is one of life’s special pleasures and most calming experiences.

You get the same relaxation bonus whether you are in a restaurant garden, a picnic pavilion, a sidewalk café or your own backyard.

Part of the reason for this calming effect is that conversation is more spirited and less formal.

  • The open space is liberating, you have room to move around and feel casual.
  • The atmosphere more festive, outdoor lighting sets a fun mood and is more romantic.
  • The views more interesting, you have mountains, ocean scenery, or perhaps a lovely garden to look at.
  • The food tastes better, too, perhaps because the fresh air makes you hungrier. In addition, the fresh air helps you to breathe in the great aromas of the food.

For a calmer lifestyle change, take every opportunity to enjoy your meals outside.

You will find that from the moment you are seated, you will feel your stress just slip away.


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Stress to Calm- Eat Fresh Foods to Nurture and Fuel for a Calmer Healthier Body.

Eat Fresh Foods to Nurture and Fuel for a Calmer Healthier Body.

Calm and healthy is all about eating fresh, unprocessed, natural foods.

If you look back at our agricultural age, these are what got us here in the first place, meaning, foods from the farmers gardens were what our grandparents were used to.

Beyond the nutritional benefits, it is calming to stop off at a local food markets each day and pick up fresh fish, meats, breads, fruits, and vegetables. As opposed to frozen, processed, canned, or heaven – knows what.

By doing this, and purchasing only what is on our planned list, we have nourishing meals to look forward to and the fun of preparing them as well.

This is part of celebrating your life.

Perhaps we are satisfying some primal hunter-gatherer urge, in the most literal way, to provide for our family, and ourselves because many of us are not fortunate enough to have an onsite garden or container plants.

Whatever is the reason; this is a way of easing our stress, soothing us with reassuring feeling that we are fulfilling a basic need.

Go out and shop for the makings of a good fresh meal tonight. It is time well spent and the very important question is your mind is answered.

Do you know were that food came from? Is it really safe? The answer is yes!

This is another installment in calm lifestyle design.

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Stress to Calm- How to Get Calm and Have more Fun in Bed.

How to Get Calm and Have more Fun in Bed

A popular mattress ad advised a variation of this. Moreover, they had a point.

I do not need a study (as the one mentioned below) to tell you that a healthy sex life can reduce stress. It seems like common sense.

However, when you are stressed, out the door goes your common sense, right?

Yes, we all know that a lack of healthy sex can aggravate stress like no other.  Nevertheless, today, right now, with our busy schedules and relentless ambitions, real or imagined, sex for many couples has become little more than an afterthought.  Instead of the afterglow!!

Sometimes intimacy is overlooked entirely, and excuses are made.

This is obviously unhealthy for any loving relationship. Which adds to even greater stress to an already stressed life style.

Now for the study!  According to the Royal Hospital in Edinburgh done a few years ago, a healthy sex life can make you look you to seven years younger, lead to greater contentment and help you sleep better. Why argue with the Scottish!

So get calm, light a few candles, draw the blinds and fog up the windows….

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P.S. Hey, I’m a Cat person!

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Stress to Calm- How to Get Calm and Put Affection Back into your Relationship.

How to Get Calm and Put Affection Back into your Relationship.

Getting a sense of calm and initiating a small amount of affection can melt days, months, even years of tension, distance and discord between you and your partner.

You see there is always hope!

  • Face your fears and take the initiative, swallow your pride with one gulp and rekindle the affection you once thrived on.
  • You can start doing this by a reassuring hand on the shoulder, a simple kiss, a gentle hug these are great places to begin.
  • Use your calm power and be persistent, keep at it, even if it is not immediately returned or acknowledged. In time, with hope and love, the thaw will take hold, and warmth and intimacy will likely ensue.

When you both  are stressed and really need to get calm, a daily dose of affection can often soothe what words cannot.

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