Is your caregiving motivated by ego or your higher self?


Think about it, is your caregiving motivated by ego or your higher self?

An ego is the hardest thing to manage!

Egotism is a beast and is also addictive. The more you feed this beastie the more ravenous it becomes.

If your self-worth is dependent on the flattery of others, you put yourself at their mercy. This is unpleasant when you are a caregiver because others may not always be willing to comply or be helpful. You will be trying to please others and sacrifice yourself in the process.

People are notoriously in-consistent. Once you allow yourself to recognize this fact you can empower yourself from your altruistic side or your higher self.

Your caregiving, once lead by your higher self to do good for the simple joy of doing good will reenergize you!

If praise comes your way great, if it doesn’t, that’s okay, too! You know you are doing the right things and you feel self-nourished.

So let your heart lead the way, not always your head!

Beat the heat, but take care of YOU!


As a caregiver you can beat the heat, but take care of YOU!100MEDIA36IMAG0156

Living in Arizona we have a healthy respect for the dry heat and how to live with it!

As a caregiver, you have an extra responsibility to keep yourself comfortable, not matter where you live. If the temperatures go up the tendency for stress and irritability goes up too!

It is a no brainer to drink plenty of water and stay out of the sun as much as possible, however take a break outside in the early morning or later evening to get some fresh air.

Make meals that are quick, easy and perhaps include a cold salad or fruit.

Be sure to plan appointments that are clustered in one day instead of several days, to get them out of the way and you out of the heat quicker.

If you like nature (and you should) but can’t go out because of the intense heat, bring nature to you in the form of a plant or two.

Be creative and beat the heat because YOU matter!

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How to empower yourself, in everyday life situations.

It is important to know how to empower yourself, in everyday life situation.

Waiting for someone else to take care of it, heck you may be waiting a long time. Questioning if you should get involved. There is a lot of wisdom in “just do it”.

It does not make much sense to assume someone else will report the power outage to the utility company or file the complaint against an unethical business or to make a call for an ambulance just after a traffic accident or even reporting that suspicious person messing around in your neighborhood. For your own peace of mind, you do it. With that you won’t have that nagging uncomfortable feeling that nothing is being done.

The old adage ” the squeeky wheel gets the oil”, works even if you are not the first to call, the multiple reports will definately prompt a faster, more serious response.

Be personally empowered all the time if you really want action take action and don’t leave it up to someone else.

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How not to be the self-destructive martyr.

It is impoertant not to be the self-destructive martyr.

Some of us think there’s something rather noble and courageous in working excessively, missing meals, losing sleep failing to get proper exercise, depriving your self of much needed leisure, and basically driving the bus over yourself by running yourself into the ground.

I understand that some industries and organizations actually glamorize this sort of self-destructive work ethic. I encouarage my clients not to fall for this. There’s a time and place for this, as in an emergency situation and perhaps, yes, extraordinary commitment may be briefly required, however not day in and day out.

As this martyr, you are not doing yourself or your family any good by damaging your health and mental and emotional well-being.

I remind my clients to consider the hazzards of playing the embattled warrier, running after the illusion of gratification.

Wanting to be a hero is great, do it staying fit, eating healthy, live with commonsense and you will find you are happy and more successful over the long term.

Celebrate life fully, passionately and with purpose.

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Don’t be a slave to your image, instead have freedom in your individuality!

 Don’t be a slave to your image, instead have freedom in your individuality, make your own choices!

Trends, styles and fashions are perceived images that come and go very quickly. There is a great deal of unnecessary stress, excessive work, financial burden and lost time with loved ones, that you incur in the name of looking good for others.

These social ‘images’ include, where you live, what you drive, how you dress, whom you socialize with, and where you send your kids to school.

You should be the individual that is in control of what’s best for you and your family not the so called image you want to project!

In preserving your individuality, carefully scrutinize your real motives.

As most of my clients have found, that a calmer, simpler lifestyle with your purpose will defined will leave you with less of what will impress others and much more of what makes your life something to celebrate.

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Dress for Success, In your Everyday Life!

Dress for Success, In your Everyday Life is important to your comfort and health!

It is amazing how people do not adjust their clothing to their surrounding temperature.

Now days, everyone has a weather app. On their cellphone yet people are still unaware or don’t care about how they dress and ultimately care about their appearance or their health.

Have you seen people keeping on their overcoat in a stifling department store?  How about spending time in the chill of the outdoors without a jacket?

Besides the general feeling of being uncomfortable, they pose a definite irresponsibility towards their health. The wonder why they get the flu or the common cold or worse pneumonia!

Common sense should prevail, however people are using excuses of being too busy to engage their commonsense. It does not take much time, energy or intelligence to adapt the concept of putting on or peeling off clothes as needed that will help you stay comfortable, healthy, perform better and enjoy the activity you are involved in.

Simply, wear layers in cool temperatures that allow you to adjust to the environment. You can take advantage of coat checks or lockers where available as well. Try bringing along an extra garment just in case, for example tying a sweater or light jacket around your waist.

By all means don’t let what others are wearing or not wearing influence your judgment towards incorrect attire. Besides they will pay the price for their own actions.

To dress for real success, dress intelligently and live comfortably.

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Stress to Calm- When you are planning meals for others do not be a short order cook, have a calm plan.

When you are planning meals for others do not be a short order cook, have a calm plan.

If you have the responsibility to plan meals for your family, ask yourself, “How much of your time, energy and composure is used up every night making multiple meals for your family?

If you are trying to cater to every taste by preparing different dishes as if you are a restaurant, but a needless and a stressful burden otherwise.

Granted unless someone in your family has a food allergy or intolerance, it is wise to adopt a policy of one meal for the entire family. However, stick to it! Giving in to convenience foods is not good either.

One solution is to make a master list of all the foods everyone likes. Yes, if you are not sure, ask. Your family will enjoy the chance to input their preferences.

To maintain a stress free meal, let good nutrition rule.

Skillfully encourage finicky eaters to try new things by not spoiling them with alternatives. Also, prepare foods in ways more palatable to them, (like pouring melted cheese over broccoli)

Take the time and a little effort to experiment with new recipes and note what works.

A little effort and care up front can pay off in fewer culinary squabbles and less stressful evenings later on.

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